Flower Power

So I must first start off and say that I have the sweetest fiance ever. We SAY every year we aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day, and will usually just go to dinner and be done with it. Well it seems that I’m the only one that upholds this part of the bargain. I came home last night and was chatting away on the phone to my Mom waiting for Brian to get home so we could head to dinner. As I’m in mid sentence, in he walks with a bouquet of a dozen roses and a card…

He loves me!

Of course, he has the biggest grin on his face because he knows he’s failed at this no celebrating Vday thing. Oh well, I don’t think I mind so much.:)

Alas, I’ve hit my first bout with “wedding planner block” (kinda like writers block only with wedding stuff). The last real major thing I have to do is the flowers. I’m lost. I really have no idea what I want to do with them, except that I do not want to spend a ton of money on them. Sure, they’re pretty, but they die and no one is really going to remember them anyway. So, I definitely want to go as minimal as possible.
Then, you get into the kind of flowers. My colors are navy and lime green, and I have found some good pics of green flowers but not so much with the Navy. I’m in looove with Gerber Daisies, I think they’re so simple and fun–but haven’t really seen any that are navy blue and green (have you??)…

So cute 🙂

But I still need to talk to a florist about what we want and all that jazz. I finally picked up the phone last weekend to call and didn’t get an answer at one of the places in town (prob because of the Vday weekend maybe?), but I took that as a sign and ended my florist search for the time being.

I think it’s really hard to picture a bouquet I like with other colors of flowers in them. I just can’t see how it would look…and I don’t know what’s in season or what comes in the colors I’m looking for. The planner my sister got me for Christmas actually does have a flower section (complete with pics and descriptions!!), so maybe I will re-visit it to get more familiar with all the types out there.
Here’s a couple of ideas I found online…(Don’t forget to vote in my poll below!) 🙂

I like the shape of this one…not the color so much…

like the shape and simplicity, but not the colors!


Love the blue but it's a little too light for my colors....maybe some green would help it out?


Getting a little warmer with the navy blue flowers!

Kinda like this 🙂 but maybe a little too exotic?

Or maybe I need to go with all green??

So…What do you think?

Thanks for visiting my blog this week! I’m planning on asking your musical opinions next time!!

Feel free to leave me a comment with any flower suggestions or thoughts too 🙂


About carriesue0630

I am a down to earth girl who met and married her soulmate not long ago! I live in a small town and work in the window and door industry coordinating tradeshows and events for my company. I love soccer, television, my iPhone, having a blast with my friends and family, and spending time with my husband and our crazy dog Mitsy.
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7 Responses to Flower Power

  1. Sarah Meenach says:


    I love your blog – its very entertaining! 🙂

    Just wanted to give you a suggestion on flowers. We used green button mums in my bridesmaid bouquets. They’re fairly small, and we mixed them with another flower that matched the dresses for a pop of color. I think they’re pretty inexpensive too!

    Love the blog and following your planning.


  2. Jo says:

    Carrie Beth! Love following your blog =) I feel lost now that all my wedding planning is over! I like the idea of green and white flowers to really pop off the navy. There are some really pretty green and white orchids that would look amazing. Or various mums from button- to large spider mums which are inexpensive but great color varieties!

  3. blondeviki says:

    Hello there! Apart from liking the same shoes, it seems we also have being indecisive about flowers in common 😉

    I’ve booked my florist and one of the reasons I chose her was that she let me book without having to tell her what I wanted yet – she’s given me until 3 weeks before the wedding to decide! (Which is great, but I think that a deadline might have made me more decisive…)

    Out of the bouquets you pictured, I liked the second from bottom best – the colours all work together so well. I voted green/blue mix in your poll but I think adding a little white/ivory really sets everything off. Can’t wait to see what you pick 🙂

  4. Mom and Dad says:

    Will you play some Rolling Stones for your Dad:)?

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